The Rebellion of Jane Clarke

Reading Guide

1. At the beginning of The Rebellion of Jane Clarke Jane appears to share her father's political view. Discuss how this changes or remains the same throughout the novel.

2. Jane rebels against her father by refusing to marry Phinnie Paine. What else or who else does Jane rebel against?

3. Discuss Jane's changed feelings for her stepmother. What factors influence this change?

4. After the massacre Jane resents the fact that Henry Knox exposed her to danger. Is this resentment justified or misdirected?

5. Jane is older than her brother. Does she seem so? What factors of their time and circumstance might influence this perception?

6. Discuss the role of James Otis in the novel and his effect on Jane.

7. Discuss the influence of Jane's grandparents on her decisions.

8. If you were Jane, would you forgive Aunt Gill?

9. What parallels do you see between the politics of 1770 and those of today?

10. Does the Boston Massacre in The Rebellion of Jane Clarke differ from the version you learned in school?


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Rebellion of Jane Clarke - Reading Guide

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