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Author Op-Ed: A new window into the extraordinary life of Sally Hemings
The Washington Post

Author Op-Ed: TWO PATHS: The Strange and Ironic Fates of Jefferson’s Daughters
- The Daily Beast

March 17, 2017 Having spent the past five years immersed in research on the Jefferson and Hemings families for two historical novels I wrote, I was thrilled to learn that Sally Hemings’s room at Monticello will be reopened.

September 17, 2016  Martha Jefferson was Virginia elite. Her half-sister Harriet, though seven-eighths white, was deemed a slave at birth. No one could have predicted their fates. Read more >>

Author Op-Ed: History Made Real
You Must Read This  - NPR

April 18, 2008 History Made Real in 'April Morning'  Maybe you knew me — I was that pale, skinny kid with the dark circles under her eyes who ran off the school bus, grabbed a book, went into her bedroom and locked the door. But before you start putting me in the same crate with the eggheads, I'd better mention it wasn't any math or history book I grabbed, it was a Hardy Boys or a Nancy Drew... Read more >>

Guest Blog Post: 
"Monticello: A Daughter and Her Father"
Book Club Girl

September 7, 2016  From the critically acclaimed author of The Widow's War comes a captivating work of literary historical fiction that explores the tenuous relationship between a brilliant and complex father and his devoted daughter—Thomas Jefferson and Martha Jefferson Randolph.  Read more >>

In the Media

Magazine Interview:
"The Man Behind the Myth"
- Virginia Living Magazine

November 29, 2016  As a college student, Sally Cabot Gunning worked in The Drummer Boy Museum in Brewster, Massachusetts, which focused on the American Revolution. Read more >>

October 2016  Full length video of Sally Cabot Gunning discussing her new book, Monticello.  Click to watch >>

Author Talk: Monticello
Brewster Ladies Library 

September 15, 2016  WCAI's Mindy Todd speaks with Cape Cod author Sally Cabot Gunning in our Woods Hole studios.  She's written a historical novel about the life of Thomas Jefferson’s daughter titled Monticello.  Listen >>

Radio Interview: "Monticello" on The Point with Mindy Todd

Magazine Interview: 
"Monticello -A People's History" - Provincetown Magazine

September 14, 2016  There aren’t many people who can track their family histories on Cape Cod as far back as Sally Cabot Gunning. The Brewster writer, who will be a featured guest at the inaugural Provincetown Book Festival, had relatives aboard the Mayflower, which first docked in Provincetown back in 1620. Read more >>

Newspaper Interview:
"Fact and Fictions"
-Boston Globe

August 30, 2009 Sally Gunning sets her novels in familiar, favored places that bear the imprint of the town’s history.   Read the article >>

January 2014 Full length video of Sally's talk on Benjamin Franklin's Bastard at the Brewster Ladies Library.  Watch the video >>

Author Talk: Benjamin Franklin's Bastard
Brewster Ladies

June 10, 2010 Author Sally Gunning talks about her book, "The Rebellion of Jane Clarke: A Novel."  It's historical fiction that offers new perspectives on old stories.

Listen >>

Radio Interview: "The Rebellion of Jane Clarke"
on The Point with Mindy Todd

Radio interview: "Writers on Writing"
WUCI University of California

May 21, 2008 An interview for the University of California WUCI "Writers on Writing" radio program.