Reading Guide

 1. Bound explores the different kinds of ties that bind one person to another. Of the various bonds explored in this novel, which ones do you feel should have been preserved? Which broken?

2. Alice is a person both old and young for her age. In what ways do you feel she is mature and in what ways immature?

3. How would you describe Alice's expectations of life? How do you see these changing through in the course of the book?

4. Do you think Alice feels sorry for herself? Why or why not?

5. Alice refers several times to the idea that a man's eyes are on her. Do you think all men's eyes really are on Alice, or does she just perceive it to be so?

6. In the beginning of the book Nate greatly admires Freeman. Toward the end he appears to become disillusioned. What do you think causes this change? How do you think he feels about Freeman at the end?

7. Do you feel Mr. Morton deserves Alice's prayers?

8. Do agree with Nate's opinion that Freeman would have surely ended up "touching" Alice? Do you think Nate really believes this? If he doesn't, why does he say it?

9. Discuss what Alice wants/needs from Freeman and whether it would be possible to achieve.

10. Do you think Nate really planned to go to Pownalborough?

11. Can you think of reasons Alice hasn't considered that Lyddie might consider as she debates whether to give up her dower right and marry Freeman?

12. Do you see Lyddie Berry's and Eben Freeman's feelings toward Alice changing through the course of the novel? If so, how and why?

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